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Let's start from the beginning. I love Photography and it's been a big part of my life for a long time - both professionally and personally. After studying photography and buying my first DSLR camera, I began travelling the world with a love for landscape and street photography, spending many years capturing photos while living in India, Australia, Indonesian, Malta, Norway, Santorini and Canada.

These days, wedding photography is my life, I have a love for fine art photography and cinematic lighting - giving my photos their signature style and colour. Having a longstanding love of people and street photography also allows me to capture the real emotion and unique moments a wedding day offers. All this comes together to give a documentary style wedding photography, allowing me to beautifully capture natural and authentic connection giving you a genuine story of your day. 

I've said it a thousand times, but it really is the best job in the world and I'd never want to do anything else. Spending my working life capturing some of life's most intimate, precious and emotional moments is as rewarding as a job can get. It's why I put everything into my weddings, so we can both get everything out of it. 

I'm based as a Midlands Wedding Photographer - but I'll travel anywhere for your wedding! I regularly travel both the UK and internationally, so wherever your wedding is - Cornwall, Scotland or Greece -  I'll be there!

Birmingham Wedding Photographer


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