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Congratulations! You’re engaged! Your Wedding Day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it all starts with the planning process. Let’s keep that excitement going and embark upon a journey of a lifetime to create a memorable and magical love story.


Planning a wedding can be a rollercoaster of emotions, with so many decisions to make. However, remember every incredible achievement starts with a single step. By breaking down the process into manageable pieces you can lay the foundation for a beautiful day of celebration for you and your loved ones. Each step is a brick, building your mansion of memories.


This guide is a 10-step process that spreads over a 12-month timeline.


Lets’ dive in and discover the secrets to planning a wedding that will leave everyone breathless.

12 Months Out - The Foundations

Wedding Ideas

Before you start to get into the finer details of your wedding day, take some time to brainstorm themes and wedding day vibes that reflect your personalities and relationship. Inspiration can be found everywhere and anywhere. Maybe you’ve been to a friend’s wedding and loved the rustic feel, scattered with hay bales and wooden beams. Or have you seen Instagram reels of your dream wedding day festival outdoors with live music and lots of dancing. Perhaps Pinterest boards have inspired your vision of a long veil and a classy black tuxedo. The sky really is the limit, so grab a pen and write it all down and create your perfect wedding scenario.

The Foundations

Make a Wedding Budget

You need a clear understanding of your financial boundaries. Without an initial budget it’s incredibly easy to overspend at the start of your wedding planning, to then find yourself limited in other areas later. A vital part of your wedding planning process is to get this initial budget set. This will allow you to understand how much you’re able to spend on individual aspects of your wedding.


Couples typically allocate 35-45% of their wedding budget on their wedding venue (this is the big one), 10-15% on photography, as well as 10-15% on a wedding dress. Having a budget in place will help to make it much clearer on how much you’re able to spend.

Keep in mind that wedding budgets are also subject to change, in 2022 47% of couples went over their initial budget. Remember to keep an open line of communication to avoid any surprises down the line.

Create a Wedding Guestlist

Let’s get this party started! This doesn’t have to be final draft, but you’ll need to create an initial wedding guest list to give you an approximate head count. This will help you understand how far your wedding budget will go and narrow down venues with a limited capacity.  

Make a Wedding Email Address

You’re going to be contacting a lot of people. Planners, Photographers, Venue Managers, Musicians, Florists, the list can go on and on. Making a wedding email address keeps all your wedding details together so you don’t misplace any important info – it saves the clutter of your personal inboxes.

Hire a Wedding Planner

An amazing Wedding Planner is worth their weight in gold. You’ll be able to turn to them for personalised and experienced advice about all things wedding, from big tasks like recommending venues, to things as small as finding the right shade of green for your centrepieces. It’s also a great relief knowing that you won’t have all the responsibility of running the wedding day itself. If your budget allows, hire one.

Enquire with Wedding Venues

Your wedding venue is the foundation of your day. Choosing the right venue should be at the top of your priorities list! Social media can again be your best friend and point you in the right direction. You’ll also be able to ask Google for a list of local wedding venues or specific styles of wedding venue to check out, and they’re almost all going to have social media accounts filled with jaw-dropping professional photos from other weddings. Call or email these venues and book yourself a viewing with their managers – This is your chance to ask all the questions you have and hear about their favourite weddings and what made them so special. You might just fall in love with an idea you never knew existed!

Buy Wedding Insurance

It may not be the most glamourous expense, but it’s certainly one of the most important! The average UK wedding in 2022 cost £18,400, so Wedding Insurance is something highly recommended – especially in the aftermath of a pandemic.


Although you’ll need to check the specific cover of the insurance you choose, standard Wedding Insurance cover will be likely to include things like Venue cancellations and extreme weather. From supplier no-shows and lost goods on the big day itself. In the unlikely and extremely unfortunate event that you’d need to use it, you’ll only be glad you have it!

10/11 Months Out - Booking Big Vendors

Booking big Vendors

Book your Wedding Venue

It’s going to be the most important and expensive decision you make (other than deciding who to marry!), but you’ve followed the first steps, done your research, walked though venues and consulted with your wedding planner –  you know what you’re talking about.

Book your wedding venue!

Book a Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is going to be magical. Beautiful and perfectly planned. Pure heartfelt emotion. Making the right choice in your wedding photographer could make all the difference in how you’ll remember it – forever.


The average cost of a UK wedding photographer is £1500. Yes, this is a large portion of your budget, but it’s an investment you need to get right. Finding the right wedding photographer for you is important. Take the time to research different wedding photography style’s, such as traditional, photo-journalistic and contemporary, and find an incredible photographer whose style aligns with your vision.


Once you’ve found one whose work you love, reach out to them and arrange a chat. This is your opportunity to discuss your wedding day and what you’re looking for, but also let them tell you about themselves and how they work.


Wedding Photographers get booked up quickly, usually opening their calendars up for two years in advance. Once you’ve finalised your venue and have a date set in stone, book a wedding photographer.


If you’re also planning on hiring a videographer, this advice applies doubly for them too!

Click Here to find the best wedding photographer. 

Secure Vendors that get Booked Up Quickly

Some wedding vendors get booked up well in advance, especially popular options that can only commit to one wedding per day. The sooner you book them, the more likely you are to secure your favourite. Examples of such vendors are evening entertainment like DJ’s and bands, as well as Bar Rentals and staff for outdoor venues in tipi’s and marquees that don’t include them.  

Shop for Wedding Dresses

It’s never too early to start browsing for your dream wedding dress. Whether you have a clear vision of what you want, or if you’re overwhelmed by the endless possibilities, it’s time to dive into the world of wedding fashion. You can get online for inspiration, or head straight into bridal boutiques to try on beautiful wedding dresses. Starting early means you can relax and enjoy the process knowing you can take your time to find your dream wedding dress.

Book your Caterer’s

Often this will be included with your venue, and you won’t have to worry about catering until it comes to choosing your wedding breakfast menu closer to the date. But if caterers are not included then it’s important to get things moving. Put together an idea of the kind of food you’re looking for and how formal or casual you’d like your meal to be. Consider your budget and any dietary requirements.


Once you have an idea of the details, contact different caterers and discuss your options until you find the one that’s right for you.


If you’re looking for something other than your typical sit-down wedding breakfast, then Hog-roasts, BBQs and sharing platters are all the rage!

Meeting Other Vendors

8/9 Months Out - Meeting Other Vendors

Bath Wedding Photographer

Assign your Wedding Roles

One of most exciting parts of planning a wedding is asking the special people in your life to be a part of your wedding. With so many roles to fill (Best Man, Maid of Honour, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and many more) you should start handing out these roles. They are going to be your nearest and dearest loved ones, which is incredible, but you should also take into consideration having at least some people who can provide practical support on the day. People who are reliable and helpful that can help with logistics, guiding people to their seats or help to gather groups of friends and family for photos.  


Don’t forget to appoint special people in your life to give readings during the ceremony too.

Meet with Other Wedding Vendors – Florists, MUA’s, Hairstylists and Cakemakers

Your foundations are in place and it’s time to build on them. Consider your wedding day themes and colours to start to piece together the next layer of details. These include your wedding cake and floral arrangements, as well as the perfect skin tone and hairstyle for your wedding day. You’ll need to find incredible professionals to help. Call Florists, MUA’s, Hairstylists and Cakemakers and have a chat about your wedding day and ideas. Share your vision and see what they can offer.

Order Wedding Invitations

Whether you’re planning to make your own invitations or have them designed, you should begin the process. Most wedding invites are sent out to wedding guests around five months in advance. Placing orders for them now will give for plenty of time to be made – especially if you’re using a calligrapher, as they will all need to be handmade.

Have an Engagement Shoot with your Wedding Photographer

A wedding day is often someone’s first experience with a professional photographer, and that can understandably seem a little daunting.


A pre-wedding or engagement shoot is a great way to start a relationship with your photographer and get comfortable in front of the camera. You’ll see how something as easy as just going for a walk and enjoying your partners company can create unbelievably beautiful photos. You’ll relieve some of the pressure when you realise there is no pressure – a great wedding photographer will do all the hard work for you.


This shoot will also give you the chance to learn some very basic poses from your photographer, which is going to help get the most of your wedding day photography and make it seem like a piece of cake.

Making Decisions

6/7 Months Out - Making Decisions

Wedding Flowers

Go Shopping for Bridesmaids Dresses and Accessories

Time to hit the shops again. Six months out may seem like a long time, but it’s important to spend that time finding something that you and all your bridesmaids love – and it can be trickier than you think. You want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible in what they’re wearing on your wedding day, so the bigger the bridal party, the longer this can take.


It’s also a good time to start looking at suits and dresses for younger wedding roles too, like flower girls and page boys.


You’re not forgetting about the groomsmen and you can start thinking about them too, however, keep in mind that most rental shops don’t let you book suits until three months before the wedding, so you can hold fire on this right now.

Book a Wedding Florist

Pick the florist you loved the most. Your wedding flowers are going to set a large portion of your days tone, so once you know the florist you want, book them in! You don’t need an exact order yet as you’re likely to visit the venue and walk through with your florist closer to the date to finalise the details of exactly what you’ll need.

Book Make-up Artists and Hairstylists

Choose your favourite Hair and Makeup artists and secure the date. You’ll have your hair and make-up trials closer to your wedding day, so start collecting photos and taking inspiration of the styles you love so they can share the vision with you.

Book your Cakemaker!

Choose an amazing cakemaker and book your wedding cake to be made. If the wedding cake design isn’t finalised by now, try to have this done and ordered no later than four months out from the big day.


Tip – Choose a cakemaker that’s close to the venue to save time and stress on the day you’re are having the cake delivered, or even more importantly, if you must collect it!

Register your Intent to Marry

It’s time to take care of the legal side! To marry or form a civil partnership in the UK you must give at least 29 days notice. Although this could be done closer to your wedding day, it’s best to get it out the way earlier as it’s not something you want to forget about or leave until the last minute. Simply head down to your local registry office and give notice.


A pro tip for choosing a celebrant or registrar. Chat with them about your photographer. Some registrars can be restrictive with photographers, limiting their movement and access to certain areas – this is their personal choice. Make sure you haven’t planned for you photographer to capture that first kiss photo from the centre, only for your registrar to say no on the day! It’s important that you decide how involved your photographer can be at your wedding, so find a celebrant or registrar who can work with you.  You’ll only do it once, and you’re going to want the photo’s – trust us.

Buy your Wedding Dress

You’ve been waiting for this – go get it!

Have a Tasting Session with your Caterer

I’m sure you’ve been eagerly waiting to taste all that delicious wedding food. If they’ve not already reached out, get in touch with your venue or caterers to ask about a tasting menu. It could be a tasting event with their other to-be-wed couples, or it could be a more personal experience, it all depends on your venue or supplier. But taste everything, have a great time and let it all soak in so you’re ready to make your final menu choices.


It’s also important to make sure there are alternative options for vegetarians and anyone with allergies or intolerances.

Hire Day Time Entertainment

Whether you’ve been dreaming of String Quartet to accompany your walk down the aisle, or a Jazz Pianist to entertain you and your guests during your welcome drinks, you should secure them for your wedding day. While these vendors don’t tend to get booked up quite as far in advance as others, it’s still a great idea to get them locked in to be sure you don’t miss out. With almost limitless entertainment possibilities you can set the day’s ambience or just add to the vibe and fun of your day!

Order Personalised and Rental Items

Make your wedding day truly special by considering the little details that will make it unique. Personalised items like custom made wedding gowns and quirky gifts. It’s a great time to start ordering anything specific that needs to be rented or personally made to ensure enough time and avoid last minute stress.


Don’t forget about décor that’s not included with the venue, things like a post-box for wedding cards, or welcome signs and a wedding guest book. Maybe just extra’s to add to the theme, like hay bales for the benches of your outdoor festival wedding.


Take some time to make a list of all the little details that will have a lasting impact on your day and get a head start on them.

Finalise Your Details

4/5 Months Out - Finalise the Details

Hanbury Wedding Barn

Send your Wedding Invitations

Turn your most beloved family and friends into wedding guests. There is something amazing about sending your invites – suddenly everything starts to feel real. Five months out gives your guests a great amount of notice and allows them time to plan ahead, make arrangements and respond.


Remember to consider guests coming from distant places, perhaps other countries, as it will be more difficult and costly for them to get to your wedding, so a little extra notice for these guests could make the difference between attending and not.

Finalise your Wedding Breakfast Menu

After your amazing tasting experience, it’s time to get in touch with your caterers and finalise your wedding menu.

Book a Wedding Car

If you’re travelling to and from your wedding ceremony then you’ll need to arrange transport, so find the perfect wedding car for your day. Whether you’re looking at keeping it traditional with a Classic Wedding Car, or something a little quirkier like a Horse and Carriage or a VW Camper Van. Secure them for your big day and let them know exactly when you’ll need them.


Although it’s not always necessary, you should also consider transport for your guests. Red London buses for the party feel between locations, or a coach to make it easier on venues where parking is limited.

Arrange your Evening Food

Shortly after your wedding breakfast winds down, your evening guests will start to arrive. To keep the celebration going you’ll need to arrange some less formal evening food for the night – pizza vans and taco stands will fuel you and your guests to dancing into the early hours. Check out local suppliers or see what your venue has to offer.

Buy Wedding Rings

You’re going to be wearing these rings for the rest of your life, so you want to take your time and find the perfect fit. Consider the different kinds of precious metals, traditional styles or otherwise, and if you have an engagement ring, something that will compliment it.


Alternatively, you can have your rings custom made just for you – although it will cost a little more money and take some time to craft, they will truly be one of a kind.

Order your Wedding Cake

Get the final design or specifications of your cake over to your cakemaker. Confirm the time and date you’ll need it for and whether you’ll need to collect it or if it will be delivered, leaving plenty of time for traffic, flat tyres, late deliveries and anything else that could hold them up.

Putting You Day Together

2/3 Months Out - Putting Your Day Together

Wedding Confetti

Have your Hair and Makeup Trials

You’re going to want to look your absolute best on your wedding day. Schedule your Hair and Make-up trials to get that look perfected. Take with you any photos of inspiration and discuss with them any ideas you have about how you want your Hair and Make-up to be on your wedding day, as well as showing them photos of your dress to allow them to compliment your look with your full outfit. Take on any advice they have, but most importantly, give your own feedback to them and make sure you’re 100% happy and love the results!

Purchase Thank You Cards and Gifts

Express gratitude to the special people who contributed or played important roles in your wedding planning, as well as in your life, by taking a moment of your day to stop and thank them. Go shopping and for the cards and gifts that you’d like to give them to show them how much you appreciate them.


If you’re buying flowers, consider ordering them from your wedding florist so they can be delivered with your wedding day flowers – one less thing to worry about.

Write your Vows

If you’re the sentimental type and you are planning on making your own personalised vows to your partner at your wedding ceremony, you should start working on them with plenty of time to change, go over and rewrite things, as well as considering that you might have trouble thinking of the right words – you don’t want to be sat at the kitchen table during your morning prep trying to put them together. Writing your vows early will give you enough time to reflect on your relationship and feelings to find the perfect words to say before the big day.


Once you have them perfected, practice saying them out loud, so you’ll be able to read them naturally and confidently at your wedding.

Select Readings

You’ve appointed people to their wedding roles, including people for wedding ceremony readings. Now you need to select the readings. Start by speaking to the people who are giving the readings, as they might have something special that they’d like to say or read for you. If you’re choosing, then classic bible passages and poems can set a ceremonial tone, but you don’t have to stick to these formalities if they aren’t right and don’t resonate with you. Choose readings that have a special meaning, quotes from your favourite books or movies are always a hit – everyone loves a quote from When Harry Met Sally.

Consider Evening Wear

Whether you’re planning a costume change into a less formal evening dress, or just adding a warm shawl and a flat pair of shoes to give your feet a break, find the ones that you love and will slide seamlessly into your outfit.


Keep in mind that, unless you have a short wedding dress, it’s unlikely anyone will be able to see your feet, so go for comfort over style for evening footwear, you won’t regret it.

Contact Guest’s with Outstanding RSVP’s

Your wedding venue and other suppliers will soon need the final numbers for your wedding day, and you’ll also need to put together a seating chart. Four to five weeks is the average time a guest will take to respond to your initial invites, so chase anyone up who still hasn’t responded, as there shouldn’t be too many stragglers left by now.

Order Your Wedding Suits

With less than three months to go, suit hire shops will now be taking booking for wedding suit attire. You should have had plenty of time to figure out the type of suits you’re looking for that fit with the theme of your day, so head down to the rental shops, try on all the suits you like for the Grooms Party or anyone wearing a rental suit and book them in.

Getting Things Ready

The Final Month - Getting Things Ready

Short Veil

Write Your Wedding Speeches

Everyone who’s giving a speech, should know by now – It’s time to put pen to paper and find those magical words. Tell the people that you love, why you love them. Say thank you to people and make everyone laugh. Tell stories and make it personal, and don’t forget to tell your partner how beautiful and amazing they are!


You don’t have to stick to the classic structure of who can give a speech, no matter gender or role, if you’d like someone to say a few special words on your big day, they should.

Arrange Parking

This can be more challenging than it sounds, particularly if you’re ceremony is at a small church, or your venue is in a busy town or city centre. For churches that don’t have a car park, you may need to do some research to see what is the most practical. Ask your wedding coordinator or events manager of the venue for advice and recommendations. And if it’s still too difficult, you could arrange transport from parking further away or from a later venue.


Tip – Don’t forget about parking for you photographer! It’s very important that the photographer can just jump out of their car and get straight into action, you don’t want them driving around looking for parking while the bridal party is arriving. When parking is limited, ask churches and venues if the photographer can use any staff allocated parking and make sure the photographer knows where it is – give them addresses, directions and even photos of the parking spaces to save time!

Buy Wedding Party Gifts

If you’re planning on giving gifts to members of your wedding party, or a gift to your partner for their morning preparations, then you’ll need to go shopping again! From engraved watches to personalised cufflinks, maybe their favourite perfumes and aftershaves. You could go all out and create a gift box filled with the personally selected items that show them how well you know them and make them feel that extra special.


If you’re having anything personally made, consider getting these earlier, around the time you’re ordering your other custom-made items to allow plenty of time for them to be made and delivered.

Finalise your Wedding Playlists

Creating a custom playlist for the day will allow you to create an ambience that fits smoothly with the theme and vibes of your day. From your walk down the aisle, your welcome drinks, the first dance to the evening party music. Don’t forget the final song of the night that you want your wedding to end to!


Give the DJ’s and musicians plenty of time to get everything in order with the right timings of the day, as well as leaving enough time for musicians that could need to learn new requested songs.

Create your Wedding Seating Chart

You’ll need to finalise a plan of where everyone will be sat during your wedding breakfast. All families are different and there can sometimes be a little family friction, so take this into consideration when planning where people are sat, to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible and allow them to enjoy the day with you!


Once it’s complete you can order your seating display chart!

Order your Wedding Day Order of Service Booklets

You’ll need Order of Service booklets for your ceremony, usually to be left on the seats or handed to your guests and they walk into the ceremony hall. This will include the layout of the service, words to your chosen hymns and poems (if you’re having them), and copies of readings, so people can follow the service.

Have your Wedding Dress Fittings

To get a wedding dress that fits perfectly you should arrange your dress fittings to start from a month out from the big day, with your final dress fitting around a week before it. This is going to make sure your wedding dress looks pristine and bespoke for that walk down the aisle.

Make sure all Vendors are Fully Paid

With everything finalised and set in stone, it’s time to make sure everyone is fully paid. The last thing you want is unhappy vendors or awkward conversations on the day!

Have a Venue Walkthrough with Vendors and Suppliers

It’s time to get everyone on the same page for how you want your wedding day to flow. Head down to the venue and take your wedding planner, venue manager, florist, stylist and any other supplier that will need to see the venue to plan the day. Be prepared to make decisions and adjustments as necessary during the walkthrough. Talk about everything and anything you can, ask all the questions you have and address all concerns, or they at least have a plan to get them addressed by the end of the visit. It’s crucial that the vision of your day is shared by your vendors and suppliers with regards to the aesthetic control. It’s going to be amazing!

Write Your Wedding Day Itineraries

You’ll need to get a plan together. With a month to go, all the vendors and suppliers know what’s happening – it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty and write down your wedding day’s timeline. Don’t worry if things change slightly as the days go by, getting a first draft done to give you a solid base and allow you to see the day, which will make it easier to manage when adjustments are to be made.


Make an itinerary, which you can clearly follow that orders the day’s events. This can also be made into a fancy sign and printed to go by your venue welcome sign for your guests to use too.


Next, make second itinerary with all the details of the suppliers and vendors. Include the arrival and departure times and what they’re bringing, anything that needs to be done and who’s in charge of doing those things (you can’t do everything, so assign tasks to your family members and wedding party). Include everything from the Hairstylist’s arrival time to your wedding photography coverage. When the flowers will arrive to when the evening DJ kicks off. 


The first will be an itinerary of your dream wedding, and the other one is for behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly!

A Few Things to Consider in Your Itinerary

When planning your Bridal prep, consider the timings of your Hair and Makeup. A good tip is not to be the first in the chair, but also not to be the last, as you won’t want all your bridal prep photos without your hair and makeup done. Mid-morning is the perfect time to begin your hair and makeup to allow the Photographer to get the full bridal prep story while you still enjoy your morning naturally.


You should aim at having your dress on and being completely ready at least 45 minutes before your due departure time. This is so you have time for a first look with a parent, some bridal party photos, and of course, your own bridal portraits. The last thing you want is to have your final touches done and need to walk straight out the door, missing those extra special moments.


After your ceremony, you’re likely going to want your family and friends group photographs, followed by a couples shoot, so leave enough time to get this done, plus a little extra time to spend with your wedding guests. A minimum of two hours for post-ceremony welcome drinks and photographs is recommended before being seated for your wedding breakfast.

The Final Week - Counting Down

Bath Wedding Photographer
Counting Down

Make a To-Do List

You don’t want to forget anything!  Start your final week by making a list of everything you need to do before your wedding day. Add everything, big or small, and continue to add things as the days go by that you may have initially overlooked. Spend this week checking these tasks off. Leave as little as possible to do the night before your wedding, so you wind down and relax, or enjoy time with family and friends.

Break in your Wedding Shoes

A Brides biggest regret is not breaking in their wedding shoes – it’s not something you want to be doing on your wedding day. Wear them around the house, get the material soft and make sure they’re feeling comfortable. Try not to get them dirty as you’ll want photographs of them on your big day with your other wedding details, such as flowers and jewellery.

Assemble Gift Bags

Assemble any gift bags for your wedding party members and anyone who’s getting one as a thank you, so they’re ready to hand on your wedding day.

Have Your Wedding Rings Cleaned and Polished

Your friends and family have been checking out those new shiny wedding rings. Be sure to get those greasy fingerprints cleaned off and polished so they’re pristine when you slip them onto each other’s fingers.

Top up anything Cosmetic

If you’re planning on getting a tan, your hair dyed or your eyebrows and nails done, make sure they’re done with enough time to set so they look great and as natural as possible for your wedding.

Write your Partner a Love Note

Why not write something sweet for your partner to read during their morning preparations to remind them of how much you love them.


This also makes for great moment for a photo – make sure someone lets the photographer know before you read it so they can be ready to capture the special moment for your wedding gallery.

Finalise your Wedding Day Itinerary

Get the timings of your day down to a tee. Make a full and detailed itinerary of the day and send a copy to ALL vendors and suppliers! Include timings, locations and addresses so everyone knows where they need to be and when they need to be there.

Put together an Emergency Kit

Sometimes little things go wrong and that’s okay – they’re fixable with a little forward thinking! Get a sewing kit for a little rip in a bridesmaid’s dress, a plaster for mum’s rubbing shoes, a crochet needle to make the back of the dress button up seamlessly, and paracetamol for everything else! Cover the basics and you’ll be surprised how much they can help and calm you down when things do venture from the path.

Have a Rehearsal Meal

This is in most part just an excuse to spend extra time with family and friends and allow you all to get excited about your wedding together. It’s also a great way to introduce family members and friends who may not have had the chance to meet before.

The Day & Night Before

Groom Photos
The Day and Night Before

Make a checklist & Pack a Bag

Sit down and make a list of everything you need to take with you on your wedding day. Whether you’re leaving the night before, or in the morning before the ceremony, make sure you have everything packed and ready to go to minimise the chance of something being left behind. You should task someone with making sure this bag makes it to all the destinations it’s needed at.

Eat Healthy & Drink Lots of Water

Try to eat healthy, energy rich foods to prepare yourself for your wedding and don’t forget to drink lots of water, you’ve got a big day coming up tomorrow and you’ll need all the energy you can get.

Check Off Your Wedding Vendors

Contact all your vendors and suppliers to confirm the date, timings, what they’re supplying and to check they all have the up-to-date itinerary. Tick them all off to make sure you’ve not missed anyone or anything and everyone knows what’s happening.

Take you Dress Out of the Bag

Allow your dress to hang freely throughout the night so it can regain its natural shape. If it needs to be steamed to get out any little folds and wrinkles, this can be done or in the morning for that fresh feel.

Get a Good Night’s sleep

Of course, it’s easier said than done! The excitement is flowing through your veins and your brain is going through every little detail to make sure nothing has been missed. It may seem trivial and a little tricky, but getting a good night’s sleep is going to make all the difference tomorrow! Aim to have everything done well before the end of the day, so you can set aside some time before bed to wind down and relax with friends and family, or by yourself! You’ll be having an early start in the morning, so relax in the peace of mind knowing everything is ready!

Your Wedding Day

Your Wedding Day!

Wedding Confetti

Enjoy your Wedding Day!

It’s here! Everything is ready and you’ve worked too hard and spent too much money to not enjoy every moment of today. Let the day unfold naturally and take everything in your stride – the good and the bad. If things don’t go perfectly to plan or if anything is running late, it’s unlikely you can do anything about it now, so roll with it and think about how lucky you are to be able to enjoy your wedding with the people you love the most, it’s unlikely they will all be in the same room ever again.


Breathe deeply. Walk slowly. Have look around and take it all in – it’s your Wedding Day!

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